OdCNP workshop on “Nuclear Ukraine: Russian rhetoric and security consequences”

The workshop “Nuclear Ukraine: Russian rhetoric and security consequences” that was held in Belgium, Brussels at Station Europe on May 18, 2022 was devoted to the topics of nuclear weapons control, the war in Ukraine and global nuclear orders.

The main task of OdCNP, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the Ukrainian Civil Society Hub was to pay attention to the international security crisis, and Russian nuclear rhetoric and analyze the influence on the problem of nonproliferation nowadays. The workshop participants were some of the highly qualified specialists in the field of nuclear weapons, nuclear deterrence and nuclear nonproliferation from Odessa Centre for Nonproliferation, National Institute of Strategic Studies of Ukraine, The World Institute for Nuclear Security, University of Antwerpen, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, University of Malta and representative from the US State Department.

Various experts such as Bruno Tetrtais (Foundation for Strategic Research), Valentina Cassar (University of Malta), Natallia Klos (Vienna Center for Disarmament), Lars van Dassen (the World Institute for Nuclear Security), Tom Sauer (University of Antwerpen), Nikolai Sokov (Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation), Aderito Vicente (European University Institute), Petr Topichkanov (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), Tetiana Melnyk and Valeriia Hesse (OdCNP), Hanna Shepel (National Technical University of Ukraine, “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”), Jennie Gromoll (The US State Department) were talking about the crisis situation in nuclear nonproliferation, that NPT as a treaty more and more losing its relevance because of freezing US-Russia nuclear agreements, arms controls nowadays are imbalanced. Russia's national security strategy is feared by the whole world because tactical nuclear weapons are out of control in the hands of one ideological leader. Experts put forward their opinions about what the new political and nuclear order will be like after the war in Ukraine and discussed different points of view in support of the NPT system whether TPNW. Sibylle Bauer (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) put forward theories and assumptions on how to properly tell students about the topic of nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence, why it is important and why it is important to develop critical thinking and the ability to analyze the whole situation. For students, this workshop provided the necessary knowledge for further academic careers and gaining their knowledge in this topic.