Presentation of the book "Ukraine’s Nuclear History. A Non-proliferation Perspective"

OdCNP is honored and pleased to present the book "Ukraine’s Nuclear History. A Non-proliferation Perspective", the most comprehensive research on Ukraine's contribution to the Soviet Atomic Project. It was written by a team of Ukrainian experts in one book: the role of Ukraine in the nuclear program of the USSR, missiles and dreams of nuclear deterrence vs. civil nuclear energy cooperation, published by Springer - German multinational publishing company of books, e-books and peer-reviewed journals in science. The event took place on May 18, 2022 with the support from Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the Ukrainian Civil Society Hub, Brussels, Belgium.

The book is unique and the first of its kind, which describes the history of nuclear weapons in Ukraine since the days of the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century, through Soviet Period of Ukrainian SSR and ending with Ukraine as an independent state, that abandoned one of the most powerful nuclear arsenals in the world. WINS’ Executive Director Mr. Lars van Dassen giving comments about the book summarized: “In 2014 Russia started a new politics of war, new ways of seeing this world. Nowadays we should write more books like this”. Ukraine's stubbornness in the struggle for its independence and the high falsity of nuclear experts were also emphasized. Further Polina Synovets and Iryna Maksymenko thanked all those present and gave brief comments on the historiography of nuclear weapons in Ukraine sorting through sections of the book.

The presentation also took place at the University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy. The event was organized by Professor Leopoldo Nuti, Professor of History of International Relations at Roma Tre University, Co-Director of the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project on May 19, 2022.

The video record of the book presentation