Nuclear Security: Publications

Nuclear energy: real boon ar hidden menace?

By Volodymyr Dunev (in Ukrainian)

The article provides an analysis of role of nuclear energy in new world history. After emphasizing of main levels of development of nuclear energy, author comes to conclusion that future of this branch of industry is fully depends on well done system of state control.


International instruments on strengthening nuclear security

By Dmytro Chumak (in Ukrainian)

Nuclear power should always be accompanied by implementation of the highest standards in nuclear safety, nuclear security and safeguards. In this paper, special attention will be paid to nuclear security. Despite the fact that nuclear security is exclusively national responsibility, it occupies a leading position in the system of global security. Therefore, international cooperation in this area is very important as it will contribute to the development of generally accepted standards, guidelines and regulations to improve its level in the global context. Consolidation efforts of the international community as part of the summit on nuclear security improve the process intended to identify the best solutions to existing problems and to develop common approaches to its further development.