OdCNP and University of Malta conducted Workshop “Russia’s War on Ukraine: the Implications for Arms Control and Nonproliferation”

On July 18-19, Odessa Center for Nonproliferation together with the Department of International Relations on the basis of the University of Malta held the Experts’ Workshop “Russia’s War on Ukraine: the Implications for Arms Control and Nonproliferation”. This event became achievable thanks to the support of Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and the Ploughshares Fund.

The aim of the workshop is to explore the influence of Russia’s war on Ukraine on arms control and nonproliferation regimes, in particular: 1) the increase of the states further challenging the NPT regime by attempts to develop nuclear weapons; 2) the increase of the states trying to resolve their territorial claims, using the nuclear coercion and the umbrella function of their nuclear arsenals; 3) the further split between the supporters of the NPT and the TPNW and the deepening polarization of the supporters and the opponents of nuclear weapons; 4) the obvious loopholes in the existing arms control system and the arms trade, which became obvious in the course of war.

The two-day workshop was filled with presentations of the experts representing Odessa Center for Nonproliferation (Polina Sinovets, Valeriia Hesse, Valeriia Gergiieva), National Institute for Strategic Studies (Olexii Izhak), Kyiv Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University (Sergii Galaka), Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sibylle Bauer), the University of Malta (Valentina Cassar and Derek Lutterbeck), International Crisis Group (Olga Oliker), Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation (Nikolai Sokov), UNDIR (Pavel Podvig), Sciences Po (Julien Teron), The Foundation for Strategic Research (Bruno Tertrais), the International Institute for Strategic Studies (Timothy Wright), the Izmir University of Economics (Sitki Egeli), and other significant schools on arms control and nonproliferation. The experts’ views provoked thoughtful discussions among the participants and made a sound background for the challenging questions about the upcoming systemic crisis in the field of international security.

The Russian aggression against Ukraine not only questioned the values of liberal regimes and systems the NPT is built upon, but also issued world stability, arms control, deterrence and viable energy and food crisis. All of the mentioned challenges were part of the workshop’s agenda including the new constraints for the export control system, the potential role of disruptive technologies, Russian missile use in Ukraine, Mediterranean security challenges, etc.

OdCNP also gathered the Ukrainian students and Odesa Summer Schools' alumni who had a possibility to ask questions to the experts.

The Program of the Workshop