Meeting of students’ scientific Seminar on global security and nonproliferation

On September 10, 2015 the students’ seminar on global security and nonproliferation (GSNP) took place in Odessa Center for Nonproliferation (OdCNP). The seminar was devoted to the discussion of the following topic: “The Possibility of the Nuclear Free World: Experts’ Opinions”.

The following experts and young researchers participated in the seminar: Prof. Polina Sinovets, Head, Odessa Center for Nonproliferation, Mr. Vladimir Dunev, GSNP Responsible Coordinator, Dr. Oleksandr Cheban, Research Fellow, Odessa Center for Nonproliferation, Ms. Valeria Lozova, Intern, Odessa Center for Nonproliferation and PhD student, International Relations Department, Odessa National University (ONU), Ms. Tatiana Melnyk, PhD student, International Relations Department, ONU. The seminar was also attended by students from ONU International Relations Department. The first year students were very active and proved that the new generation of the nonproliferation experts could arise soon in Odessa. The students demonstrated high interest in the discussion of the possibility of the nuclear free-world, and this was one of the sign of the relevancy of this topic.

The seminar’s participants discussed different ways on how to reach the nuclear weapon free world. They agreed with that the current Ukrainian crisis created new obstacles for achieving this goal.

In addition the young analysts and students discussed the risks and opportunities which could emerge because of the further nuclear energy development. Some participants expressed skeptic views on the future of the nuclear energy, but most students and researchers agreed with that during coming decades the nuclear power plants will remain important source of the energy.