Round-table "Ukrainian crisis - is there any influence over the NPT regime?"

On 28 August, 2015 Odessa Center for Nonproliferation hosted the experts’ round-table on the current challenges to the Nonproliferation regime. Over dozen senior experts met to discuss the possible implication of the Ukrainian crisis for the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) regime and the security architecture in general.

In her opening address, OdCNP Head Polina Sinovets pointed out that the Ukrainian crisis plays great role in the transformation of the system of the international relations after the Cold War. The system has changed for many years after the end of the Cold War; however nuclear power’s annexation of the territory of an independent country is an unprecedented event that will have extraordinary consequences for the erosion of the NPT regime and non-nuclear status.

Round-table in Odessa Center for Nonproliferation

In his opening remark, Lars van Dassen, Head of Office for International Relations, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority stressed that the occupation of the Crimea and its nuclear facilities will negatively affect the IAEA safeguards system. He underlined that Moscow policy has the negative impact on the development of Russian peaceful nuclear energy and economy.

Other experts’ speeches focused specially on the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on NPT compliance, failure of Budapest Memorandum and security guarantees, disarmament and the revival of nuclear deterrence in world politics.


Round-table transcript