XI Odessa Summer School “Arms Control and Nonproliferation: Global and Regional Trends 2021”

XI International Summer School “Arms Control and Nonproliferation: Global and Regional trends 2021” took place last August with the support from U.S. Department of State, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on the basis of OdCNP. The main aim of this event – to increase the awareness amongst young nonproliferation experts across Europe and the Middle East on the current trends in the field of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons policy, safety and security, disarmament, and nonproliferation.

For five days (25th to 29th August) participants had an opportunity to listen to lectures from leading experts in the field of global security and nonproliferation. They also could take part in the discussions and present their own projects and researches.

The School took place in mixed form, so those who could not be presented in Odessa due to COVID-restrictions could join the discussion online. This year’s round table was participated by students, research fellows, public organizations’ activists, analysts and practitioners from more than ten countries.

Among experts this time were professors, researchers and nuclear security practitioners from European countries, the United States and Turkey. Tymofii Bibik (KPI), Whitney Isaacs and Lars van Dassen (WINS), Sitki Egeli (Izmir University of Economics), Mark W. Goodman and Jennie Gromoll (US State Department), Benjamin Hautecouverture (FRS), Una Jakob (PRIF), Ekaterina Mikhaylenko (URFU), Margaryta Rayets (Chornobyl Research and Development Institute), Tom Sauer (Universiteit Antwerpen), Polina Sinovets (OdCNP), Nikolai Sokov (VCDNP), Nasir Veghar and Christopher Walden (SSM), Şebnem Udum (Hacettepe University) and presented their lectures on nuclear security, weapons of mass destruction, arms control, European security and new technologies that can become a challenge for the international security.

Summer school became not only a wonderful place to exchange with knowledge, but also a great source of inspiration for young researchers and students. Every one of them got an opportunity of experience exchange and fruitful networking with experts in the field they study.

"Odessa summer school is a must every year. That is the best opportunity to meet experts community connected to nonproliferation studies from around the world. Well-made mixture of lectures and networking leave most exclusive experience and it all happens in wonderful city of Odessa on top of that” – Wojciech Jakobik, a participant from Poland.

“For me Summer school became a truly unique experience. I believe, it’s crucial to conduct such events not only for people who already work in the field of nuclear security, but also for students. These few days were a great source of motivation for deepening my knowledge and continuing to develop in this field”” – Kateryna Aleksandrova – a participant from Ukraine.

“Summer school in Odesa is a high-quality education in terms of knowledge, experience, improvement of skills and acquaintances. It’s true that various topics from the field of nuclear nonproliferation which we discussed with experts gave me a better understanding of information, let me renew my point of view and develop my critical thinking skills. All in all, that’s an extraordinary personal experience: these five busy days let me establish lasting friendly bonds with participants!”” – Kilian Roux – a participant from France.