The Report "Responses to the INF Treaty crisis: The European dimension"

Edited by Polina Sinovets

The INF Treaty suspension, initiated by the United States and to certain extent provoked by Russia would ultimately primarily target Europe. And the question is whether Europe has the plan or the remedy to neutralize possible negative consequences for it, coming with the death of the Treaty in August 2019.

With the European INF Initiative Project we tried to answer this question with the central aim: to explore the potential consequences of the collapse of the INF Treaty for Europe. Another central goal of the project was to generate fresh and out-of-the-box thinking, as well as to discuss Europe‘s possible contribution(s) to strategic stability on the continent. The study covers six states, while their positions were explored by their national experts. Those states are: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Ukraine. Ukraine is the only state which turns to be a non-NATO member in the study; however it presents special interest as the state-successor of the INF, missiles-capable producing country and the buffer zone between Russia and NATO.

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