II Odessa Winter School "Arms Control and Nonproliferation: from Basic to Advanced"

The main event of winter 2022 for OdCNP has finished recently - II International Winter School “Arms Control and Nonproliferation: From Basic to Advanced”. The event took place on February 17-19 with the support from Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and U.S. Department of State.

Young researchers and students from numerous European countries and USA took part in Winter School this year. Although the event was in hybrid format, participants both in Zoom and in the room were equally involved in discussions and simulation game.

Lecturers have focused on introducing participants to the fundamental constructs of global security. Lectures covered main concepts (Nuclear weapons, Missiles, Nuclear Deterrence, Arms Control); essential documents (JCPOA, TPNW); different states’ nuclear policy and programs (USA, China, France, Great Britain, Russia, Iran and additionally NATO’s nuclear policy); lectures on nuclear security, particularly in Ukraine, were also included.

The final day of School was almost entirely dedicated to the simulation game in which participants tried on roles of states’ representatives in the UN. They took part in negotiations on TPNW, tried to find an agreement and formalize it in a relevant resolution. Participants used their chance to demonstrate their knowledge, acting and persuading skills brilliantly getting into their characters. Everyone gained a precious experience and a lot of emotions which they shared with us below:

Muhammed Ali Alkis, Ph.D. student at Hacettepe University, Turkey

“Odessa Winter School 2022 was an amazing experience. The topics were well selected and the lecturers were true professionals. More importantly, the nuclear policies of P5 states were explained by the lecturers from relevant countries. Thus, the school is one of the rarest centers where you can learn nuclear policies from Chinese, Russian, American, British, and French experts all in one place. Additionally, the simulation game was fantastic. Even though I joined online, it was like I was there. Because OdCNP created such a lively atmosphere for us. I can't wait till Summer School 2022!”

Emma Visentin, Master in International Security Studies at University of Trento, Italy

“This was my second year attending the Odessa International Winter School on Nonproliferation and Arms Control and I am sure it is not going to be the last. The School was a wonderful experience both times and it keeps getting better and better. I was amazed by the comprehensiveness of the lectures, which allowed a deep dive and enlightening insights on major arms control, disarmament and nuclear proliferation issues. I specifically appreciated how the Winter School is focused on creating the environment to connect the pieces of the puzzle and eventually to hand the students necessary tools to frame their interpretations of present and future global security challenges. Plus, the quality of lecturers was top-notch, including several well-known experts in the field. I really enjoyed following the lessons, as, aside the excellent program, it gave me the chance to connect and create a network with a group of like-minded young students and professionals interested in the same topics. Finally, a welcome and most interesting addition was the introduction of a simulation of the UN General Assembly meeting for the negotiation of a draft resolution on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). It was a pleasure to “get our hands dirty” and to learn first-hand how these negotiations take place. Overall, being among the participants of the Odessa Winter School was a privilege and I hope to be able to go in person to the summer edition!”

IIIia Snighur, first-year student at Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine

“I want to thank all organizers and participants of II Odesa Winter School "Arms Control and Nonproliferation: from Basic to Advanced", which took place in Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University, for a wonderful opportunity to gain new knowledge, communicate with highly qualified experts and professionals in the field. That’s a great motivation for me to dive deep into study and enhance my knowledge. I can’t wait for upcoming seminars from OdCNP!”