Dmytro Chumak on nuclear history and nuclear industry of Ukraine

On the occasion of the 31th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, research consultant of OdCNP Dmytro Chumak spoke for the TV channel "Glass" on some aspects of the nuclear history of Ukraine, which led to the formation of the nuclear industry in independent Ukraine.

He noted that the situation in the nuclear industry of independent Ukraine since the beginning of the 1990s was critical: postChernobyl syndrome, active anti-nuclear movement, the difficult financial and economic situation after the collapse of the USSR, the lack of internal management in the nuclear industry. In addition, it was accompanied by uncertainty in the official policy of Ukrainian leadership on the further development of the sector. Hovewer, Ukraine managed to pass this difficult path, and now nuclear energy become one of the key pillar of energy security.

He also stressed an importance of adherence to the highest international standards of nuclear safety and security. Moreover, Dmytro pointed out the necessary of reintegration the Chernobyl exclusion zone and its subsequent use for scientific research and for the development of renewable energy.

More you can hear in the video.