Polina Sinovets at the Nuclear Experts Talks (N.E.X.T.) workshop

On 21-22 of November 2016 Polina Sinovets participated in the Nuclear Experts Talks (N.E.X.T.) workshop, held in Berlin, Germany.

The aim of this workshop was to discuss these challenges and to outline novel approaches that help us better dealing with them. It brings together 15 mid-career professionals from the academia and leading think tanks. Another overriding goal of the N.EX.T. project is to better connect young experts from Europe, Russia, and the United States in order to diversify and stimulate the debate on one of the most pressing problems of our times.

While international crises, such as in Ukraine, increase the risk of inadvertent or accidental escalation, the instruments of bi- and multilateral nuclear disarmament and arms control are in a state of despair. That leads to a number of urgent questions: Which arguments could help to reinvigorate the moral and political need for further nuclear disarmament? What can the international community of states do to move further with multilateral nuclear disarmament? How to better bridge the gap between the need for broader civil society engagement and the lack of interest in many societies? What could or should a stable future U.S.-Russian framework for managing the nuclear relationship look like? How to deal with Europe’s nuclear challenges against the background of a missing ‘grand deal’ between NATO and Russia?