Polina Sinovets at PONARS Eurasia Annual Conference

On 23d of September Polina Sinovets, Head of Odessa Center for Nonproliferation took part at PONARS Eurasia annual conference. The topic of her presentation was "European Missile Defense and Russia: any chance for the dialogue?"

The events of this year, marked with the official inauguration of the MD site in Romania started the new wave of Russian anti Western rhetoric. In particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the system being deployed in Romania was clearly not a defensive complex, but part of the US's strategic nuclear capability. Therefore Moscow will “be forced to think about neutralizing developing threats to Russia's security”.

The presentation of Polina Sinovets was dedicated to the credibility of Russia’s threats, possible actions, and the ways of addressing them. The main questions here can possibly be on the sources of Russian position as well as the seriousness of its threats.