First Writing and Science School for Young Nonproliferation Experts at OdCNP

On June, 12th – 15th OdCNP together with Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) have conducted Writing and Science School for Young Nonproliferation Experts.

Lars van Dassen, the Head of the Office for International Relations at SSM took part as the menthor of the seminar. The 12 participants, mostly specializing in international relations and strategic studies, presented different universities of Ukraine ( Kyiv, Odessa, Chernivtsy, Rivne).

On June 12th the opening ceremony of the School began from the welcoming remarks of Lars van Dassen and Polina Sinovets, the Head of OdCNP.

June 13th the first day of training was dedicated to the research problem/hypothesis skills development, as well as the concept analysis of the each participant’s professional study.

On June 14th Lars van Dassen has complicated the task, suggesting participants to explore the IR theories, which can be appropriate for writing their scientific researches.

On June 15th, participants studied the methodology of scientific research and were discussing practical aspects of implying their knowledge into writing. Also, together with the group Lars van Dassen analyzed the headline, the abstract and the introductory part of each participant’s future article. It was decided that in the future all articles will be published by OdCNP together with SSM in the separate volume.