Iryna Maksymenko

Iryna Maksymenko

- Administrative Coordinator, PhD in Political Sciences, Ass. Prof. at the Department of International Relations, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.

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June 2001 - MA in International Relations, Department of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University;

July 2000 - BA in International Relations, Department of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University


February 2014 – PhD in Political Sciences, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. PhD thesis: “Impact of the Great Britain, France and Germany on the European Politics Making: Economic, Foreign and Security Policy Dimensions”.


2018 – now - Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Sociology, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University

2001 – 2017 - Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University

2001 – now - Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Studies, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University

2004 – March 2015 - Senior Research Fellow, Odessa Regional Branch of National Institute for Strategic Studies


  • August-December, 2019 – Fall 2019 Visiting Fellow Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA, USA;
  • Training on e-course (blended course) development in the framework of the International Project Erasmus + "Rethinking of Regional Studies: Baltic-Black Sea Connection" (Poznan, Poland 2018; Tartu, Estonia 2019; Odesa, Ukraine, 2019; Kaunas, Lithuania, 2020);
  • June 16-20, 2015 – Training “Security Sector Reform. Slovak Experience”, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk «Open Ukraine» Foundation, Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (Slovakia) and NGO “Promotion of intercultural cooperation” (Odessa);
  • 20-22 March 2015 – Training-Seminar “Nonviolent methods to protect the civilian population during the conflict", organized in the frame of Ukrainian Peacebuilding School by the Center for Middle East Studies, an international NGO “Nonviolent Peaceforce” and NGOs “Promotion of intercultural cooperation” with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine (Odessa);
  • 2-3 February 2015 – Methodology Workshop “Ukrainian Nuclear History” organized by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden);
  • September 29 - October 3, 2014 - Intensive course on Nonproliferation and disarmament at the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP, Vienna, Austria);
  • April 2014 - Internship at the University of Babes-Boyai (Romania) in the frame of the TEMPUS EUNEG Academic mobility;
  • December 2013, January 2014 - Methodology Seminar on scenarios development “Ukraine-EU relations beyond Vilnius?” organized by Representation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  • 2010-2013 - Summer Schools in the frame of the International Project ReSET “European Union: normative, imperial, status quo or realpolitik type of international actor?” (Odessa);
  • 2004-2007 - Summer Schools in the frame of the International Project ReSET “European Security and CIS” (Odessa);
  • April 2007 - Advanced Study Institute (NATO Security Through Science Program) “Security Sector Transformation in the Wider Black Sea Area” (Bansko, Bulgaria);
  • April 2005 – Training “Shaping the future of Europe”, jointly organized by CAP (University of Munich), International Renaissance Foundation, Institute for International Studies of Integration and Globalization and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Dnipropetrovsk);
  • September 2004 - X Cervia International Summer School “Beyond the Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New Neighborhood” (Cervia, Italy).


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  • The workshop “Nuclear Ukraine: Russian rhetoric and security consequences” that was held in Belgium, Brussels at Station Europe on May 18, 2022
  • The EU Ad Hoc Seminar of the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium "War in Ukraine: The impact on the international security architecture: non-proliferation, disarmament, arms control, export controls", May 16-17, 2022.
  • International on-line conference “Europeanization process in Higher Education – Selected Topics“ (November 18-19, 2021, Ukraine-Germany);
  • International Workshop “Arms control and Europe: New Challenges and Prospects for Strategic Stability” (October 15-16, 2021, Odesa);
  • ХІ Odesa International Summer School “Arms control and nonproliferation: global and regional trends 2021” (August 25-29, 2021, Odesa);
  • Round table “EU Actorness in the COVID-19 time and the policy towards neighbors” (August 4. 2021, Odesa);
  • International Conference “Crisis of Current Security System” (Lviv, September 25, 2020);
  • Odessa X International Summer School “Current Challenges for Nonproliferation and Disarmament: Regional Perspectives” (Odesa, August 23-28 2020);
  • Seminar-training “Academic integrity and plagiarism” (Odesa, February 17-21, 2020);
  • IX Odesa International Seminar “The International Security Agenda 2019: Arms Control and Nonproliferation” (Odesa, 2019);
  • Roundtable “Black Sea focus of Ukrainian foreign policy” (Odesa, 2019);
  • International Conference “The Odesa Debate” Uniting Ukraine, the Black Sea Region and the Transatlantic Partners (Odesa, 2019);
  • Round Table "Conducting Historical Analysis of States’ Nuclear Activities: Internal vs. External Dimensions" organized and conducted by the Odessa Center for Nonproliferation and the Woodrow Wilson Center (Washington, USA) (Odessa, 2018);
  • Summer school "Searching for paths to peace in post-Soviet Eurasian space" within the framework of the international project “The Eurasia Peace Studies Exchange Network” (Odessa, 2018);
  • Round table "European Union Neighborhood Policy and Ukrainian-Moldovan Relations" in cooperation with the NGO "Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation", UA: Ukraine Analytica (Odessa, 2018);
  • ХІV European Conference on Social and Behavioral Science (Odesa, 2017);
  • International Scientific Conference “Social and Political Transformation in the Central and Eastern Europe (1917-2017): factors, achievements and problems» (Odesa, 2017);
  • Round table «Foreign Policy of Ukraine: current state and perspectives» (Odesa, 2016);
  • International Scientific Conference «Social, Psychological and Political Problems of Transborder Security” (Odesa, 2016);
  • International Summer Schools on Nonproliferation (Odessa, 2009-2020);
  • International Round-table “Perspectives of European reforms in Ukraine: internal potential and experience of neighbours” (Odessa, May 2014);
  • International Scientific Conference “What after Vilnius: Internal and International Implications of the Vilnius Summit for Ukraine” (Ostroh, April 2014);
  • International Conference “Ukraine after the Maidan” (Kyiv, November 2014);
  • International round table “Ukraine and the South Caucasus countries: common problems, common solutions?” (Odessa, October 2014);
  • International Forum “Cooperation in the Black Sea region and the EU: Challenges and Prospects” (Odessa, August 2014);
  • Round table “Southwest Ukraine in the context of current political, social, economic, geopolitical and security transformations” (Odessa, June 2014);
  • International Conference “European perspective of Ukraine and visa policy of the EU states: challenges and opportunities” (Donetsk, November 2013);
  • Project “Evaluation of the European Union member-states visa-migration practices dynamics – Odessa region” (Odessa, October 2013);
  • International Conference “Ukraine – Romania: partners or competitors?” (Odessa, October 2013);
  • International Conference “Eastern Partnership: aims – experience – challenges. Implementation process analysis in the partner states” (Kyiv, October 2013);
  • International Conference “Kyiv between the European and Eurasian Unions: The impact of Brussels and Moscow on Ukrainian domestic affairs” (Kyiv, September 2013);
  • International Conference “V4 and the Eastern Partnership: Towards the Vilnius Summit” (Odessa, June 2013);
  • Project “Formation of the agenda of Ukraine's chairmanship of the OSCE in 2013”, Odessa Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation and Representation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine (Odessa, Kyiv, 2012);
  • International Conferences and Seminars in the frame of Project BRIDGE – Fostering mutual understanding and co-operation of the EU with Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine (Odessa, Yalta, 2008-2012);
  • Meeting of the Working Group “Regional Dimension of the European integration strategy in Ukraine: regional development and international cooperation” of National Convention of Ukraine to the EU (Odessa, February 2012);
  • Conference of young scientists “Southern wing of Eurasia: competition and cooperation” (Kyiv, December 2011),
  • International Conference “Perspectives for Transnistria settlement: problem of coordination of main actors’ positions” (Odessa, November 2011),
  • International Round Table “Black Sea Region: geopolitical dilemma or top priority area?” (Odessa, May 2011),
  • Conference on security and cooperation in the Black Sea (Odessa, November 2009),
  • International Conference “Ukraine and Georgia in the context of political, economic and security transformations” (Odessa, October 2009),
  • International Conference “Risks and Threats to Security at the Wider Black Sea Region” (Kyiv, September 2009),
  • Round Table “Problems of Protection of Ukraine’s National Interests” (Odessa, September 2009),
  • NATO Academy “NATO’s transformation and the security challenges of today” (Odessa, May 2008),
  • Conference “Frozen conflicts in the Wider Black Sea Region” (Odessa, May 2008),
  • International Conference “Outcomes of Bucharest Summit and Black Sea Dimension of European Security” (Kyiv, April 2008),
  • Round Table “EU-Ukraine: Steps Towards” (Odessa, May 2008),
  • Round Table “The EU-Ukraine Cooperation: Challenges and Tendencies” (Odessa, May 2008),
  • International Conference “Ukraine’ Policy at the Black and Caspian Seas in the Context of the European Union Strategy: form interaction to cooperation” (Odessa, July 2008),
  • VI International Scientific Conference “Problems and Prospects of Cooperation Between Countries of South-Eastern Europe Within Context of Black Sea Economic Cooperation and GUAM” (Odessa-Donetsk, September 2008),
  • International Conference “Black Sea Area: from Interaction to Regional System of Cooperation and Security” (Kyiv, September 2008),
  • IIIrd International Conference on the Issues of Inter-regional Cooperation in the Black Sea Basin (Odessa, June 2007),
  • Round table “Foreign Policy’s Ambition of Ukraine” (Odessa, June 2007),
  • Seminar “European Union: 50 Years after Rome Treaties. European Challenges of Ukraine” (Odessa, May 2007),
  • Round table “Regional aspects of European integration of Ukraine. Role of Black Sea region” (Odessa, May 2007),
  • International Scientific Conference “Perspectives of Cooperation Between EU and Regional Organizations of Black Sea Region” (Odessa, May 2007),
  • Scientific Round-table “European Integration of Ukraine at the Contemporary Stage of State-Building” (Odessa, October 2006),
  • “Sevastopol Forum - 2006” on “Southern Vector of the Foreign Policy Strategy of Ukraine (Sevastopol, October 2006),
  • International Scientific Conference “Expanding the EU and NATO: Securing Peace from the Black to the Baltic Sea” (Odessa, July 2006),
  • NATO Academy “Security Challenges and Opportunities in the Mediterranean-Black-Caspian Seas: Role of NATO and Other Actors” (Odessa, May 2006),
  • International Conference “Regional Cooperation and Security in the Black Sea Region” (Odessa, May 2006),
  • International Scientific Conference “Cooperation and Coordination of the BSEC Activities with European and EuroAtlantic and Regional Organizations” (Kyiv, May 2006),
  • International Scientific Conference “Role of Regions in the Realization of Eurointegration Strategy of Ukraine” (Odessa, May 2006)
  • -ound table “Transdnistria: Internal Problem or Factor of Risk for European Integration of Ukraine and Moldova” (Kyiv, February 2006),
  • Scientific Conference “European Integration as an Instrument of Reforms in the Countries of the Black Sea Region” (Odessa, September 2005),
  • International Scientific Conference “Perspectives of Development of Ukrainian-Romanian Relations” (Kyiv, April 2005),
  • International Scientific Conference “Slovakia and Ukraine: Sharing Experience on European Integration” (Odessa, March 2005),
  • Scientific Conference “Transborder and Regional Cooperation Between Ukraine and the CEECs as an Important Part of Ukrainian European Strategy: Young Scholars’ View” (Kyiv, May 2004),
  • Workshop “The Enlarged EU and its Immediate Neighbourhood: Moving Towards a Cooperative Framework” (Odessa, February 2004),
  • Workshop “Ukraine, Poland and NATO: Regional Security of Central and Eastern Europe in the Time of NATO Transformation” (Odessa, September 2003),
  • Scientific Seminar “Ukraine in the Context of Global and Regional Transformation at the End of XX – at the beginning of XXI Century”. (Odessa, May 2003),
  • Academic Skills Development Workshop “Impact of the European Union ‘Eastern’ Enlargement” (Odessa, February 2003),
  • CEP teaching development workshop “EU eastern enlargement: security implications” (Odessa, February 2003),
  • HESP (Higher Education Support Program) International Summer School “Defining European Studies: National Experiences and Regional Perspectives” (Odessa, July-August 2002);
  • “Teaching European Studies” Workshop with CEP (Odessa, January 2002),
  • Odessa Summer School on European Studies (under the framework of the Megaproject, Soros Foundation), (Odessa, July-August 2001)