Nuclear History Project Partners Meeting

On Friday 11 of December Polina Sinovets has taken part in Nuclear History Partners Meeting, orgzanized by the University Roma Tre and Woodraw Wilson Center in Rome. During the meeting Dr. Sinovets presented main updates of the Nuclear History of Ukraine project.

In particular, the restructuring of the authors’ team and the inclusion of Dr. Oleksiy Izhak from the Dnipropetrovsk branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies and Dr. Anna Havriuk from the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine.

Dr. Izhak will be involved in writing two chapters: Soviet history period (the role of Ukrainian missile industry in building soviet nuclear and missile arsenal) as well as the history of nuclear disarmement of Ukraine, where he is going to cover the forming and implementation of Ukraine’s nuclear disarmament policy as an interplay of political and industrial interests.

Dr. Havriuk is involved in writing of the third chapter of the project, where she is going to cover the development of civil nuclear inductry of Ukraine since gaiuning the independence in 1991 and the history of cooperation of Ukraine with IAEA and other international organizations.

Also cetrain publications on topic were presented:

  • Sergiy Galaka, Grigory Perepelitsa “The Way of Ukraine for Gaining of Nuclear Status and its Implications for the NPT Regime”. – Kyiv, 2015. – 79 p. ( published with the support of SSM)
  • Sergiy Galaka, “Ukrainian Crisis and Budepest memorandum: Consequences for European and Global Security Structures”// Ukraine Analityca. – 2015. – #1.