Presentation of Polina Sinovets at NATO Defence College

On 12-13 November, 2015 Polina Sinovets Associate Professor of Department of International Relations, ONU, Head of Odessa Center for Nonproliferation, took part at Workshop "Scoping Future Nuclear Proliferation: Applying Emerging Trends in Socio-Cultural Modeling and Analysis to Forecast Future WMD Policy" held at NATO Defence College (Rome, Italy).

Polina Sinovets presented topic on strategic culture of Ukraine in the context of Nuclear Proliferation.

"Speaking of the Ukrainian strategic culture, first it is worth while mentioning that it is still in the process of formation, which means that all current security threats can be considered as factors of the potential influence over the creation of the Ukrainian strategic worldview. Also, being historically divided between Eurasia and the West Ukraine’s political and even strategic culture carries the influence of both as on the level of civilizational self-identification as well as on the level of political elites worldview. This peculiarity has defined the attitude of Ukrainians towards the main security issues. To the significant extent it has predetermined certain dualism in the perception of the main threats and security challenges by the political elites as well as the general public of Ukraine", - stressed Polina Sinovets.

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