Nate Jones

Nate Jones

- 2017 Ukraine Nuclear History Research Fellow

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March - May 2017 - 2017 Ukraine Nuclear History Research Fellow, OdCNP, Odessa, Ukraine

2009-Present - National Security Archive, Director of the Freedom of Information Act Project, Washington DC


March - June 2017 – Nuclear History Research Fellow at the Odessa Center for Nonproliferation, Ukraine

2014 - Present – Member of the Federal FOIA Advisory Committee, working with goverment and non-government representatives to improve FOIA

2013 - Present – Board member for the American Society of Access Professionals, the professional association of government FOI officers

2015 – Nuclear Boot Camp immersion course presented by University of Roma Tre and the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project

2012 – Researcher at the Freedom of Information Foundation (Svoboda Info), Saint Petersburg, Russia

2007 - 2009 – The George Washington University, Washington, DC. Master of Arts. History with a concentration on the Cold War and Russian language

2008 - 2009 – Researcher at the Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars

February – May 2015 – work on a contract at the Ukrainian embassy to Latvia as secretary assistant, Riga, Latvia

February – May 2015– semester-long students exchange programme in European studies with University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

01.09.2014 – 21.11.2014 - Intern at the Delegation of the EU in Ukraine, Press and Information section., Kiev, Ukraine

2007 – Moscow State University. Intermediate Level Russian Language Certificate

2001-2005 – Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. Bachelor of Arts. Cold War History and Russian Language


Able Archer 83: The Secret History of the NATO Exercise that Almost Triggered Nuclear War a narrative and collection of declassified documents examining the intersection of Cold War animosity, nuclear miscalculation, and government secrecy


  • “The Able Archer 83 Sourcebook,” ongoing compilation and analysis of more than 1,000 pages of declassified documents on the 1983 War Scare at the National Security Archive;
  • Able Archer 83 presented at the US National Archives, January 2017;
  • “How Classified Presidential Library Records are Released to the Public,” The Federalist, Newsletter of the Society for History in the Federal Government, January 2017;
  • “’There’s Classified and Then There’s Classified:’ Tangible Steps to Fix the Classification and Declassification System,” for the Public Interest Declassification Board, December 2016;
  • Guest on International Spy Museum’s SpyCast podcast, November 2016;
  • “Able Archer 83: The Secret History,” for the Woodrow Wilson Center, October 2016;
  • “The Football War,” for the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Sport and the Cold War Podcast;
  • “Against Transparency?” A rebuttal to Matthew Yglesias, September 2016;
  • ”The Long, Ugly Journey of a FOIA Request through the Referral Black Hole,” June 2016;
  • “The Wilson Ramos Kidnapping Declassified,” April 2016;
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  • “Declassifying State Secrets,” panelist at the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations annual meeting, June 2013;
  • Open Government Partnership in Armenia, “Access to Information Laws in Open Governments,” presenter at conference held by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, USAID, and the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia, Yerevan, June 2014;
  • “War Scare: The Real-Life War Game that Almost Led to Nuclear Armageddon,”, May 2013;
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  • Нейт Джонс: «Права журналистов и блогеров должны быть защищены законодательно» (Nate Jones, “Rights of Journalists and bloggers should be legally protected.”);
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